University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is a world-renowned university consistently ranked among the 40 best schools in the world and the top 3 in the country. Located just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia; the school was established in 1915 and since then has embraced innovation and challenged the status quo. It’s entrepreneurial perspective encourages students, staff, and faculty to challenge convention, lead discovery, and explore new ways of learning. UBC offers a wide range of faculties and academic programs that students can choose from, giving them the opportunity to explore new interests and to develop existing ones.

As a world leading university, the University of British Columbia creates an exceptional learning environment that provides its students with the necessary tools to succeed academically as well as beyond a students academic life. This school takes pride in fostering global citizenship, advancing a civil and sustainable society and supporting outstanding research to serve the people of Canada and the world.

UBC serves as the home of thousands of international students coming from 162 countries who all have the similar interest of wanting to take a step further in their academic experience in order to succeed in their respective lives. This makes international engagement a priority at UBC and because of it the school is a welcoming place for courageous students seeking new adventures outside of their native countries.

This schools academic achievements, exceptional reputation, vibrant student life, and it’s fantastic care for its students makes it a remarkable destination for students that want to experience something new. Because of these characteristics, UBC is a popular destination for not only students from Canada, but also students from around the globe.

Foundation in 1908
Motto: Tuum Est (It is yours, It is up to you)
World Ranking – 31st

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1. High school

High-school degree and copy of results (if completed), each document needs to official.

2. English test

English is the teaching language at the University of British Columbia. Students need to be able to fully understand the language and therefore must fulfill the following requirements: TOEFL with a PBT score of 567 or an IBT score of 90 (minimum of 21 points per section); or IELTS with a score of 6.5 (minimum of 6.0 points per section).

3. Good sport level

The coach mainly selects players playing at regional and national level, depending on the positions he thinks are important for the team. UBC coaches are looking for students who want to nurture a strong sense of community and deliver excellence on the national and world stage.


Total Number Of Students

Foreign Students

Number of Sports


We have experts to train you


Called football in Europe, soccer is the most famous sport around the world. Come and get a deeper understanding of UBC's soccer teams!


Volleyball is a very competitive sport in UBC that focuses on player development, team spirit and teamwork


Come see how UBC's rugby team train to be able to face new challenges and get even better for important games.


UBC offers a large choice of sports. Do not lose your hope, your sport might be listed here!


Business, Economics & Law
28 Programs

Chemistry & Life Sciences
26 Programs

Creative Arts & Media
21 Programs

Earth, Environment & Sustainability
26 Programs

9 Programs

Health Science
29 Programs

History & Cultural Studies
25 Programs

Languages & Linguistics
16 Programs 

People & Society
34 Programs

Physics & Astronomy
11 Programs

Technology, Math & Engineering
44 Programs