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Clement Bompart, CEO

I became an entrepreneur in 2014 with World Athletes Company, which became BourseSportive.com and now Sport on Campus. The aim of the project is giving value to the campus and helping students move abroad. I am sharing my own experience which is helping the business to grow. I’m passionate about soccer, cinema, art and life !

I used to play for the Olympic of Marseille youth pro academy and at semi-professional level across USA. One of my favorite quotes is from Xavier Dolan, “Tout est possible à qui rêve, ose,  travaille et n’abandonne jamais.”

about our concept

Everyone has their own story.

All of this began in 2014, after my own experience as a student-athlete in Cape Breton University, located in Nova Scotia, in Eastern Canada. This is when I began to think about the connection between students and the university. There was such a healthy atmosphere in this place: a small and tight community, friendly people, and great teammates. I had just experienced the “campus life” in Canada and how to balance both sports and academics in North America, all the while trying to reach a level of excellence in both.

Before and after this experience, I played for a couple of soccer teams in the USA. I started working on the concept and how to manage it after that. Young people around me were interested in going abroad but they were not really informed; It was time for me to share what I had learned. Traveling gave me the ideas and time to implement my vision. This is how we did it.

Sport on Campus puts the campus at the center of the concept and at the heart of the student’s choice. The chosen campus must be one that the student feels will provide them with a smooth immersion into their sport, academic and social experience. The city, the student life, the facilities, the comfort of the accommodation or even the proximity with the university’s staff are all elements that will give the students the opportunity to live an extraordinary experience. 

Students are our main focus, they are asking for more services so we are making it.

Special thanks to all our universities in letting us use photos and video sequences for our website.

our faces

Clement | CEO

JF & Patrick | Videographers
Maxime | CMO
Ninad | CTO

achievement history

August 2017

The platform is ready and everyone interested in joining the campus online could so, if they meet the requirements.

September 2017

We are proudly now working with 5 Universities. We have built our new platform that will help students to easily reach out to the universities.

July 2017

During a trip in British Columbia, 2 universities (University of British Columbia and Thompson Rivers University) decided to integrate the platform with their very own online profile in order to attract more international students.

January 2017

During one showcase, 17 student-athletes in soccer applied and 10 of them would be joining campuses during the summer.

August 2016

About 15 of them found a campus in Canada or USA and most of them got scholarships based on their athletic skills.

Feb. to Dec. 2015

During 7 showcases in France, about 100 student-athletes in soccer and rugby showed up to try and live their “dream”. Why did they trust what I had to offer them was real? I dont really know, but they were in, and very much involved.