McGill University Ranking


McGill University is a name that is known throughout the world. It is a school that has created a global reputation for being an institution of academic excellence that strives to provide it’s students with the best resources so that they can succeed in their future careers. The school offers a large amount of programs, many of which are ranked amongst the best in the world. Because of it’s well known reputation, hundreds of students from around the globe travel to Montreal so that they can study at McGill. This has allowed the school to be the second home for an international community made up of students from over 150 countries. All of this may sound a bit too good to be true, but all of this information can be backed up by facts and statistics which show why McGill rightfully has the reputation of being one of the best schools in the world.

In the 2018 QS Top Universities edition, McGill was ranked as the #33 best university in the world and was also ranked as the best medical-doctoral university in Canada for 13 years in a row. McGill attracts the brightest students from Canada and across the world. Not only do students at McGill have the highest average entering grades in Canada, but students who study at the university have won more national and international awards on average than any other school in the country. An example of this is the Rhodes Scholarship which has been awarded to 144 McGill students, the most in Canada. At McGill, students are given the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills so that they can become contributing members to their societies. This is evident considering that McGill was ranked globally as the #42 school in graduate employability. To give some more perspective on this, 81% of art graduates were in education or employment two years after graduating. These numbers are similar across the other faculties of the school with engineering students being 95%, and science students being 84%. These numbers and rankings demonstrate that McGill is indeed a fantastic school, but another major factor that contributes to the quality of life of the students who study at McGill is the city.

The QS Best Student Cities ranks Montreal as one of the best cities for students to study in. Out of the 3.8 million residents in the metropolitan city, around 250,000 are university students. With McGill’s primary campus located in the heart of Montreal, students have access to various activities and opportunities. In addition to this the Economist Intelligence unit stated that Montreal offers the world’s best educational return on investment for international students. These are some of the many reasons why McGill attracts a large amount of international students. In fact, McGill has such a large international community that it makes up 30% of the total student population. Despite such a big number, McGill has successfully managed to accommodate these students thanks to different residential options at the school as well as the programs and services that McGill offers. It’s these reasons why McGill is such a welcoming place for students looking to study abroad.

All of this information serves to demonstrate that McGill’s reputation has been rightfully awarded to them. The school truly is an excellent university for both Canadian and international students. It welcomes all students who seek new challenges and wish to expand their knowledge. It is because of this that McGill accepts some of the brightest people from around the globe and why the school takes pride in it’s academic quality.