University of British Columbia

World Ranking 37th, Canada ranking 2nd

14434 international students

The University of British Columbia is a world-renowned university consistently ranked among the 40 best schools in the world and the top 3 in the country. Located just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia; the school was established in 1915 and since then has embraced innovation and challenged the status quo. It’s entrepreneurial perspective encourages students, staff, and faculty to challenge convention, lead discovery, and explore new ways of learning. UBC offers a wide range of faculties and academic programs that students can choose from, giving them the opportunity to explore new interests and to develop existing ones.

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Best of UBC

programs & more

Business, Economics & Law
28 Programs

Chemistry & Life Sciences
26 Programs

Creative Arts & Media
21 Programs

Earth, Environment & Sustainability
26 Programs

9 Programs

Health Science
29 Programs

History & Cultural Studies
25 Programs

Languages & Linguistics
16 Programs

People & Society
34 Programs

Physics & Astronomy
11 Programs

Technology, Math & Engineering
44 Programs

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prerequisites for application

1. High school

High-school degree and copy of results (if completed), each document needs to official.

2. English test

English is the teaching language at the University of British Columbia. Students need to be able to fully understand the language and therefore must fulfill the following requirements: TOEFL with a PBT score of 567 or an IBT score of 90 (minimum of 21 points per section); or IELTS with a score of 6.5 (minimum of 6.0 points per section).

3. Good sport level

The coach mainly selects players playing at regional and national level, depending on the positions he thinks are important for the team. UBC coaches are looking for students who want to nurture a strong sense of community and deliver excellence on the national and world stage.

facilities and quick links

Wifi: Open and free on Campus
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